Why we need to plant trees?

It is not hidden from a single one that our Earth is going in the direction of severe crisis of water, pure air & pure land. Also, from the report of NITI Ayog 2019, NITI Ayog cleared its view towards water crisis, by stating that in the past 70 yrs, this happens first time in the history that from last 6 yrs water level drops continuously and also not any symptoms of raise of water level. It is clearly mentioned by the NITI ayog Vice Chairman Dr. Rajiv Kumar that, at this crucial time if steps not taken in conservation of resources then, that day is not so far when we become needy of a single drop of water.

It is true in every aspect that –

A small step towards Earth protection can bring tremendous change.

And what is better than Plantation? With keeping it in mind, a small step taken in the direction of betterment of tomorrow by Greenation.

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